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21st July 27th July 2021

Loving Me - Mastery

7 Day Mastery


✔️Daily Assignments

✔️Daily Affirmations

✔️Daily Prayer


Loving Me - Mastery

7 Day Mastery

✔️ Self Love 

✔️ Self Love Worship 

✔️ Prayer & Healing

✔️ Feminine Power 


Loving Me - Mastery

7 Day Mastery

✔️ Unleash

✔️ Becoming

✔️ Love Statements

✔️ Kick Self sabotage

✔️ Say NO to compromise

✔️ Say NO to settling for less

✔️ Take back your power

✔️ Loving Me Unconditionally


Loving Me - Mastery

7 Day Mastery

You should sign up if: ​


✔️ You’re ready to open the floodgates of what love really is.

✔️ You sometimes feel like you don’t see what others see in you.

✔️ You’re struggling with loving parts of yourself .

✔️ You find yourself talking down to yourself (self sabotage).

✔️ You’re ready to let go of baggage from the past.

✔️ Want to live & love again.

✔️ Life is constantly throwing challenges & you want to thrive not just survive.

✔️Your love energy is constantly being drained.

✔️ Tired of feeling like your failing yourself in the area of love


If you are ready for some deep, soul connected love that is focused on the most important relationship you will ever have (which is YOURSELF)

I invite you to join me in my LOVING ME, 7 Day MASTERY group coaching program.  

Something unimaginable & miraculous happens when you shift your source of happiness from the external material world into the inner emotional and spiritual world. 

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You Can Expect:-

7 Day Mastery

  • What is LOVE

  • New Perspectives on Love 

  • Forgiveness and Letting go

  • Owning your life & love language

  • Mental blocks

  • Confronting fear

  • Emotional patterns

  • Spiritual blockages

  • Being open to receive

  • Self - Value & Worth

  • Looking at past choices

  • Spiritual Practices to love

  • Your feminine power

  • Appreciate yourself 

  • Asking for what you want

  • Communicate what you want 

  • and More

LOVING ME - ​is the key to a fulfilling life.

7 Day Mastery


For most of my life....

I honestly had no idea what love was.

As far as I was concerned love was a feeling and an action, and furthermore, Love

was a power that was in the hands of others.

I didn't know I could experience love unless I was engaged with another, or unless

someone expressed it in the forms of words, gifts or deeds!

How empty I must have been.


I don't even want to think of the things I must have done to receive love, since I believed love was in the hands of others.

Honestly, I had no clue how to really love myself and I don't even know what I was looking for.

I tried to source it from everywhere outside of myself.

I didn't know I was doing this, I looked good, had a good career, had fulfilling relationships & friendships (or so I thought)

I don't even know if I was really happy. Everything about my perception of life, was external.

I didn't see my power (what was that)

I didn't start to feel a sense of emptiness & unfulfillment in my life., until things started showing up in my life that I didn't want! (can you relate)

If you’re reading this far, I must have struck a chord inside of you and you can relate to what I’m saying too?
The truth is, I had a lot of love from all around me but I was really blocked from understanding what love is.

I thought I was receieving it and feeling it, but was I?

How would I truly know?

And if I didn't truly know, how can I be sure that I was able to give love too.


My journey to self love began when I didn't even know it!

I hit a cross road and had to look myself in the mirror one day, and say I deserve better!

Listen to me, saying you deserve better, is risky as it can involve loss and change that your'e not ready for.

I began to ask myself questions, " Who am I?" being the most powerful one.

I was forced into redefining my boundaries, understanding what I accept, what serves me....... and acknowledging weaknesses AND being ok with my imperfections!

After all perfection was (and is) never the goal, being & knowing oneself is the goal.

All of the unresolved issues I had around myself were a block to me 'being.'

I can't honestly believe, how vacant I was, I just had zero awareness to myself!

I allowed everything and everyone to be the dictators of who I was.

I'll be honest I did't wrestle with feelings of unworthiness low self esteem or a lack of confidence.

But the truth is they were there, they just manifested in a way that I didn't see.

It’s funny, how much negative self-talk we tolerate when it comes to our own inner dialogue.
It’s no surprise why we don't find the love we crave or the fulfillment we desire. 

We are only able to receive love at the same level we can love ourselves.

Is it possible the lack of self-love is also blocking you from getting what you want.
Is what I am sharing stirring the strings of your heart?

When I began to understand me, I began to be aware, I opened my eyes properly... Everything began to change on the inside, and overtime my external world changed too! 

I have learned to handle my life powerfully, stand confidently, and truly love myself unconditionally.

God downloaded this 7 Day "Loving Me" Mastery to me!

He knows how lost I was!

And He knows how hard and patient He had to be with me!

How awful to be lost and not know it!

I am bringing you this 7 Day "Loving Me" Mastery so that you can learn from the lessons I learned along the way to empower myself.

You too will love unconditionally and this starts with you loving you!

The 7 Day Mastery is a journey of love, 
I will get you out of your head and into your heart, where all the actual change occurs.

Doing this allows you to step into the best version of yourself and actualise your love power & potential.

This journey is life changing, when Love abounds, change is inevitable!

Many years ago, I just didn't see the need for mentors, coaches or even counsellors.

I mean, look at me, I'm perfect (ohhh boy, that soon changed)

7 Days with me will undo a lifetime of patterns.


While your'e here and still reading, I also have an awesome mentoring platform, whether its a few months with me, or you stay with me for years, your life will change.

I guess I just know, I just know what you're feeling.

This is not about what I've learnt or books I've read (to assure you, I do commit to that)

But there's something about life experience, that connects in ways, books, and knowledge alone don't.

Sessions are tailored to what you need to work on to grow and evolve.


You Can Expect:-

7 Day Mastery

You are taken on a journey, where we shall be breaking down everything you've ever learned about love!

This is in synergy with your  spiritual, emotional, and personal growth.

You will discover self-love & your worthiness.

In each of the five live sessions, It’s unlike anything you could ever imagine, the dynamics bring life lessons, love challenges, worship, prayer and a time of silence for healing.

You will experience a unique fusion that is not forced is natural and will resonate with you in ways you won't believe!

The beginning of personal growth is inevitable
​You will receive a workbook with powerful exercises, wisdom, prayers and love declarations. 

This is a journey back to you!

A shift awaits you!

I await you!


You Can Expect:-

7 Day Mastery


After the 7 Day "Loving Me" Mastery

  • A renewed relationship to Love & Worthiness 

  • Confidence 

  • Tapping into Self-Love

  • Self-Trust

  • Acceptance 

  • Set boundaries & principles

  • Appreciation

  • Compassion & Empathy for your journey

  • Motivation & Connectivity to you 

  • Owning your feminine power

  • Tapping into & Owning Your power

  • Freedom & Liberation in your expression of love

  • ​New Spiritual level


Please be advised all payments are final, refunds are not permitted, your payment is transferable provided you have not yet commenced. Once you have commenced your plan is not transferable. Please refer to our terms and conditions here

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