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Where Purpose and Spiritual Authority collide



Pastor Sola Dawkins has a mandate.

Women With a Purpose, has a divine assignment to see Women

stand in authoritative, persistent and strategic prayer, to engage in

spiritual warfare to the pulling down of strongholds, destroying altars and

terminating ungodly covenants.

To live a victorious life according to God's original intent, plan & purpose!

Pastor Sola holds the hand of every woman through her spiritual mandate under the platform of

Women With a Purpose.

Pastor Sola is mandated to reveal the dominion, authority and power God has placed within every woman.

Her assignment is to realign women to their God given Purpose & mandate,

God's will and purpose must be manifested in your life.

Women With a Purpose has a Global Vision & Mandate:

Our Mandate include:

21 Days of Prayer

24 Hours of Prayer

Break the Cycle

The Curse Breaker

And now Fulfil the Assignment - Women's' Prayer Retreat


Join Pastor Sola as she raises up an army of spiritual kingdom ambassadors

to effect a global movement.

'Why am I not seeing change'


I know you’re ready to stop wrestling with the greatness placed inside of you,

I know you're ready to walk in the Kingdom authority, God shed His blood for you to walk in and live in!


God has a Purpose & Plan for your life, Pastor Sola has taken on the assignment to ensure you see the manifestation of Gods' Victory in your life!

We stand with you as you see the transformational power of strategic prayer in your life.

We are here to strengthen, sharpen & empower you with strategy, spiritual wisdom, Godly knowledge and divine revelation of the accessible dimensions God wants to empower you with!


Our mandate is to realign you with God's original plan and intent for your life by reconnecting you to your Purpose!

Pastor Sola Dawkins birthed

Women With a Purpose & The Purpose Journey, for this is where your Purpose & your Spirituality Collide!


You are a Child of


Woman of God it is time to recognise we are in a battle;

a Spiritual Battle!


Not everything you are encountering is natural,

coincidental or circumstantial!


It is our mandate to take you through a spiritual awakening of the realms of the spirit.

To bring to you the spiritual root to your life, experiences and journey!

There is a spiritual battle working against you, your Prosperity, Purpose and Destiny etc


Join us as we empower & equip you with the knowledge to ensure you are battle ready to WIN!


Our mandate is to bring you into the belly of your purpose, authority & power in God.

Kingdom authority is yours to access,

Let us help you to walk in and possess!

Spiritual Authority


Sola Dawkins created Women With a Purpose to call Women to the transformational Power of  God.

The power & authority of God is manifested through knowing your Purpose, Standing in the authoritative power of His Word, and being radical in Prayer.


Women With a Purpose draws you to the understanding of the Spiritual battle around us. 

Spoken Ungodly Covenants, Decrees and Works of darkness, can inhibit the manifestation of our authority in God.


We must stand knowing that all spirits are subjected to us and we have the authority of God, through His Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth .


We empower you with wisdom, knowledge and revelation of the dimensions of spiritual warfare.

Lives can be supernaturally realigned with the original plans and purposes of God, through deliverance, healing, and the prophetic.

Our prayer mandate drives our mission to share the message of  Jesus Christ, to be a catalyst for the revival & manifestation of Miracles, Signs & Wonders.

Sola Dawkins unfolds this mandate through two outlets


Women With a Purpose will drive you to stand in the authority of your blood line. You are a child of God, a Royal Priesthood, A Peculiar Person, Chosen by God.

The Purpose Journey Mentoring, is designed to ensure you uproot, confront and conquer. We also touch on past occurrences blocking Gods power in your life today. We remind you of your Purpose and delve into the soul wounds which can disconnect us from God's Promises.


Find out more on The Purpose Journey Mentoring here

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