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Our Vision

We have a vision to see the lives of women & families live a restored, fulfilled life!

Whilst prayer is a huge part of our vision we also recognise a huge part of our vision is in regard to the practicality of life.

We will see restoration through our programs, platforms and initiatives!

If you would like to support us, join our team, sponsor or partner with us, please get in touch.

Above all we ask for your prayers as we unfold our vision!

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My Story

When I gave my life to Christ, I quickly learned, Churches were excellent in Spiritual edification, nurturing & Biblical Doctrine, but there was a gaping whole in being taught how to live practically, how to undo destructive habits, how to shift mindsets, how to have self confidence, self esteem, and how to practically navigate the call of God, my dreams & aspirations with the spiritual teaching of the Word of God!

I also saw poverty, brokenness, feelings of hopelessness, despair and the desperate need for mentorship

Our Vision

  • To provide school uniform, school supplies to the disadvantaged.

  • To provide end of year evening dinner & celebration for disadvantaged & broken families.

  • Sponsor Women to attend our Women retreats.

  • To sponsor f families vacation for the broken & disadvantaged.

  • Purchase unoccupied, derelict, office blocks & warehouse spaces. Restore & refurbish them to become studio, 1 & 2 bedroom temporary self contained apartments. We will take women & families in and put them through a full program according to needs, which will include mentoring, therapy, training, support the process of retuning to education, restore family values, provide as much support to encourage holistic independency, to reintegrate them into society 

  • Send a delegation to remote regions of the world, to build schools, medical facilities, build homes, implement sustainability.

  • Provide housing solutions, property portfolios, taking women & families from brokenness to independence.

  • 24 Hour prayer centre.


Let's connect. 

I would love to hear from you,

Together we achieve more!

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