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Welcome to 
The Purpose Journey

If you’re reading this, then I believe I am what you need! 

Coaching & Mentoring is one of the absolute keys to getting to know your purpose and and who you really are!

We have all at some point in life lived through the window of ideology, trying to be someone we're not.

Hiding our pain.

Smiling yet hurting.

We've all experienced hurt, even shame.


But there comes a point when you know longer want life the same.

You're tired of fighting yourself.

Tired of pretending.

Tired of people misunderstanding you.

Tired of not understanding yourself.

Tired of seeing repeating patterns and cycles.


You're at a place where you want to be YOU.

You want to be accepted for who you are.

You want to live through the eyes of God and not through the eyes of people and your past.

If you have ever found yourself questioning, what do I have to do

to see change.

What do I have to do, to get rid of..........

You just want to be comfortable being YOU!

This Mentoring Journey is about knowing yourself, loving yourself

and embracing yourself AND being yourself!

I don't want you to just go through life, I want you to GROW

through life & become!

Let me be a part of your journey to making this happen!

This mentoring & coaching is for YOU...
You know there is more.
You believe in your future.
You are aware of your Spiritual Power, but sometimes can't
access it.
You are done with :-
The lies
The foolishness
Negative cycles
Feeling lost
Not knowing
Let me hold your hand to discovering YOU!

I've often found, it's not that you don't want to change, become or exhale!

The truth is, there comes a time (or many times) in life when it all feels like just too much effort!

The couch becomes more and more comfortable!

Life as it is becomes more and more acceptable!

And the need, drive & desire to PUSH, is GONE!


Trust me, I get it, I really do!

But I had to look in the mirror one day (well I faced the mirror reluctantly) and have an honest conversation with myself!


It was simple!

Sola, do you want OUT or nOT!

Are you HAPPY with life as it is!

Well, DO SOMETING about it!


I had to listen to my own voice, drown out the voices of all the 3 step guru's and find my own voice.

I had to start listening to ME!


I found out, ME, was talking a whole lot of self defeating blurb, that needed to STOP!


If you can be committed enough to say YES, sign up and join me!

We will do the rest!

We will bring 100% commitment to you!

Come inside the mentoring room & join Sola and her inner circle.

If you’re committed to 'becoming' who God created you to be!

If you’re tired of playing yourself down and playing it safe!

If your'e afraid to take a chance on yourself.

Breathe out Queen!

That's why we're here!

You're not designed to go it alone, God did NOT design us that way!

I believe I am the right coach for you!


I don’t want you to do it alone.

And you won’t – because I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I know you know what it feels like to shrink into your 

comfortable, comfort zone, rather than stepping out in faith & abundance.

You know what it's like to avoid rather than to confront.

Today it stops!


Let's do this!

BEYOND 2021-15.png

Trust me, It's not everyday WINS!  Let's keep it real...

A mindset to win, overcome and stand, is my mindset everyday!

It does not mean that I feel ready everyday to live this mindset out!


But I learned a long time ago, this MIND is POWERFUL!

And if I don't conquer it, it'll CONQUER ME!


Transforming lives is one thing,

but transforming MINDSETS is key, and this is where I come into your life and change it!

We will focus on the transformational power of a renewed mind!

We will then use our transformed mind as the vehicle to  make the change you want to see!

In case you don’t know me already, my name’s Sola Dawkins.

I’m a Pastor, Mentor & Speaker and have created 

multiple multi stream income platforms that have aligned

me to my true purpose..

But it didn’t start out that way.

Raised by an incredibly strong mother, I had humble but very 

strong foundational beginnings.

Being thrust into independence at a young age, literally became the birthing ground to who I am today.

Fast forward.........

I quit my high paying job (Yikes)

I embarked on a journey  that ripped me to my core!

Times I was scared I'd lose my mind!

Times I questioned myself, my worth and my God! 

I had to find my way, alone, step by step!

I thank God, I didn't quit!

But I wish I knew I could ask for help & support!

AND I wish I knew I needed it too!

I Learned, I had to UNLEARN!!

I've learned, no experience is wasted!

The hurt, the pains, disappointment, joys, wins and everything in between!


Every experience has taught me strength, resilience, fight & independence.

Circumstances shape you, they don't define you!

Silence became my secret weapon, I began a journey of self healing!

I had to revisit every experience, visual, spoken and emotional!

I had to allow myself to feel the impact of each experience I had.

It was the process, and was necessary!

This process carried me through to travelling around the world to places I didn't even dream of. 

Having been the guest of honour, among Presidents, Vice Presidents.

Seated among Government officials, Celebrities, Actors, CEO's, Pastors, Wives, Mothers and Women who know there is absolutely MORE!

Through my preaching, mentoring & speaking engagements, I accredit my inner peace, spiritual awareness and mindset capacity to God.

He re -connected me to my Purpose!

BEYOND 2021-15.png


BEYOND 2021-15.png


I believe my PROCESS was for YOU!

I'm not sure where you are today

BUT, action is the key for us all! 

It was the key for me.

Hope, fuels your dreams

But it's going to take a leap of faith and personal investment in yourself, 

that will make the difference.

This is my calling. This is my mandate to you!

There is Purpose in You

Something spectacular is about to happen for you.

I want to invite you into the room of life.

Together we will touch on your journey

We will unveil your mindset

We will identify emotional blocks to your Purpose

We will focus on the areas that are impacting your mind & self belief

We will re-connect you to your God assigned Purpose

We will identify blocks from your past

We will tackle your emotional hurdles

Get ready to smile,

Smiling when no-one is looking, is one of our focal points.

There's power in your smile!

Purpose gives you, your smile BACK!

Purpose is EVERYTHING.

Know it, Find it, Live it!

You owe it to yourself, to beleive in you

Join the Purpose Journey Mentoring today!


I Had to recognise 

LIFE HAPPENS to us all ! 

One of the things that I had to come to terms with as I reached

adult life, is that life happens.

I didn't know who I was, and certainly didn't even know there

was such a thing as PURPOSE!


But I guess, I learned pretty much the same as you have,

pain, hurt, disappointment, scars & wounds happen to us all!

With all of what life has to throw at us, I made a choice to

understand ME!

Who am I, Why do I think the way I do, What are my beliefs,

What do I want, Is more, possible!

Have I become the procuct of my circumstances!

I know longer wanted to be defined by others, society and ideology.

I wanted to take ownership for ME!

I wanted to accept ME & love ME!

I know longer wanted to live through the eyes of the expectations of others.

I wanted to live & breathe for ME!


I had to go through the process to acknowledge, accept, forgive, heal & move on.

In essence we have all battled the same thing....

Our past and our future!

Why Choose Me On Your Journey?

I have studied various aspects and approaches to counselling.

I have a Double Bachelor Degree in Theology and Ministry and therefore able to provide sound spiritual guidance.

My personal life lessons, experience & journey are brought to the forefront to all that I engage with.

Whilst I have read many books, nothing impacts and creates lasting change more than me sharing with you, the transparency of my own journey.

Having spent many years in the ‘real world’, going through the routine of life,

I know what it’s like to need that little push.

Over seventeen years in the corporate world in Business & Finance gave me extensive experience in the management of people, projects and budgets, so I guess I know how the world works, and why it sometimes doesn't.

I've gone through a good few of life's trials and come out the other side.

Yes, I have achieved success, but what really, is success!

I encourage you not to get caught up in it, redefine success for yourself

(we touch on this in our Purpose Journey)

I have experienced many pitfalls, low times and discouragement.

The Purpose Journey mentoring ensures you safely explore your experiences,

allowing you to live 'BEYOND', where you are now!


I'd love to have you join me,

Life is about moving forward and breaking free from things that have held you back

and prevented you from getting all you can from life. 

At the start of my journey, I had a lot to consider, my life....It was a mess!

My first question, was "How on earth did I get here"

I asked myself hundreds of questions  (Here are a few)

Sola, who are you?

Do you really think, if you keep doing things in the exact same way, that things will change?

Are you happy?

Do you want to be doing this job in 10 year's time?

Do you want to be here, living life in this way in 10 years time?

Are you limiting yourself?

Are you at peace with yourself?

How long are you going to keep fighting against the world and everyone in it?

When will you stop & pause?

Do you know who you are? 

It wasn't my answers to some of these questions that challenged me,

It was the fact, I hadn't looked at life in this way before!


Let me hold your hand in your turning point.

I've been where you may be right now!  


I said NO, I don't need help.

I can do this.

I needed ME, and I needed help, to find ME!

I couldn't let ME, remain the same.


I realised it was time to re-write my story.

It was time to enter the room, sit down & exhale


If this will be your first time joining me, or considering placing you, first,

I can't express in words, how life changing, transforming & powerfully insightful

our Purpose Journey is.


The wisdom, the searching of the soul, the revealing of your divine purpose, the healing, the breakthrough & the change, cannot be contained in words!

SD 2.png
White Satin
IMG_4660 3.jpeg
White Satin

The Purpose Journey, was birthed from my inability to answer...


I am committed to you!

I won't let you stop, I won't give up on you,

I've been sent to empower you, equip you and sit with you, until you stand.

I've been sent to hold your hand, to listen to you.

The Purpose Journey mentoring is not just mine, it's ours!

It is your space of love, honesty, acceptance, challenge, change and release.

I hold your hand in a no nonsense, let's face those hidden blocks & address cycles kind of way.

All done in a 'I got you' kind of way!

You will surge in your POWER.

You were born to be GREAT!!

I won't stop until you know it and are living it!

Sola Dawkins has created, under God's direction

Women With a Purpose & The Purpose Journey


It's In 

Give ME at least 

90 DAYS...


....and I'll share some of the most important steps to take to start

walking in the abundant life, God created for you.

I will challenge your mind, 

break untruths, break thoughts of limited power, renew

blessing patterns, open up your wealth of power &

greatness, I'll share what has worked for me time & time


New to mentoring.

Feel a little lost.

Need a little direction.

Tired of the cycle of life.

Struggling to heal from your past.

Really want to move to the next level.

Need help identifying your internal blocks.

Need to identify negative cycles

Need a strong firm hand to hold.

Keep asking yourself, what's my purpose.

Feeling it's time to move to the next level.

You know you're procrastinating, but need help.

God has a calling on your life and you don't know where to start.

Want to go deeper with your walk with God.


Let me become you're accountability, someone who will take the time to listen, keep you accountable to your goals and pour into you keeping you driven, focused and connected.

Where you are right now, may not reflect what you had hoped for.

You may have read books, listened to podcasts and even had a coach before, but I am the coach with a difference!

If no one’s watching, it’s easy to quit when things get tough – but that won't happen with me holding your hand.

This is for you, Group or 1:2:1 Individual Mentoring 



Are You Ready to (Finally) Step Into Your Greatness, Surrender to Your Divine Assignment … and Create the Extraordinary Life That Is Your absolute Birthright?

Let me show you how to fully surrender to the pre ordained life created for you to access & live!

This is not about anyone else, this is not about proving to the world how great and awesome you are, this is about looking in the mirror, and saying, "Hey You, You deserve this!"

My gift to you is sharing all of my life lessons, secrets & strategies that have seen me, transform lives all around the globe!

I am here to help you win from the inside.

I help you realise how important happiness is,

there’s nothing to apologise for, especially when you realise your birthright.

I’ll show you how to get it, walk it, manage it, maintain it, and how to grow it, let's wrap it in abundance and happiness!

Once you commence with me on The Purpose Journey, you will quickly learn the enormous amount of time and commitment I invest in you.

Trust, focus & accountability are my golden rules.

Time is ticking, life is happening, let's start today!

Together we will:

  • Identify how your past is impacting your present

  • Identify and explore emotional blocks

  • Identify and explore hidden pain, hurt & unforgiveness

  • Confront your story and challenge, how much of it, is your truth

  • Identify, understand & defeat a limiting mindset

  • ​Challenge our beliefs and what has become our norm.

  • Shift limiting mindset​s.

  • Understand the power of your spirit.​

  • How to ride the wave when life sends curveballs. 

  • Connect to the transformative power of God in your life

You will

  • Become mentally stronger

  • Stop accepting less than your worth

  • Stop compromising on yourself

  • Become more confident

  • Own your story

  • Accept your past and no longer live in shame or guilt

  • Become focused, driven and bold

  • Know your worth

  • Understand your Purpose

  • Have a more meaningful and deeper relationship with God

  • Develop a strategic prayer life

  • Become bolder in God

  • Stand and occupy your calling 




The Purpose Journey Mentoring 

Offers the flexibility of either Group or 1:2:1 Mentoring.

Our Mentoring requires a minimum 6 months sign up.

Greatness takes time, why rush, let's enjoy the journey together and create real lasting impact in all we do.

Along our mentoring journey you will have me, Sola Dawkins, and my inner circle right there with you, who will be available to you also (*may attract additional fees)

Group sessions are conducted via private group webinar.

1:2:1 Individual sessions are conducted by phone.

In person individual 1:2:1 sessions are also available. 

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