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For the next 6 weeks,
You will be taught by me with a direct focus to 'seeking purpose'.

If you’re anything like me, you might have joined several masterclasses, or maybe you've reached a point in your world where you need meaning and change, now!

You might be experiencing, frustration, lack of motivation, 'stop start' syndrome, loss of direction, feeling fed up!
You might also be feeling as though you're trying everything, following what you've been taught, trying to be disciplined, but just not getting the results.

You may also have moments where you are full of motivation, rearing to go and without even realising, life just seems to take over and before you know it your sat on the sofa, weeks turn into months and life just keeps passing you by!


You pick up your computer, you watch a motivation video, listen to worship, but nothing is sustaining you to stay on top!
If you’ve ever wondered how others make it, and why you are still struggling....then this is what you need.

I'll share all of my pitfalls, all of the things I hd to do to win, stay unstuck and stop falling into discouragement.


Well...Now You Have Me! (keep reading)

Whether you're about to embark on a new chapter,
starting over, or finding yourself in a place that just makes you feel out of synch.....It's time for a personal breakthrough!

Over the past 15 years, I've mentored thousands and my approach is simple!
You deserve everything you've dreamed of, It's not too late and It's time to stop being so hard on yourself.

The No 1 observation people always make about me,, both from people in my circle and complete strangers, is you just seem to get people, they are AMAZED at how much I'm able to pull out!

To be honest, there is no secret, there are life principles I live by :-
Treat people the way you want to be treated.
Give people the time of day.
Don't judge
Everybody is going through something, Be Kind!

To be completely honest, I love people and want the best for everyone!
I see beneath the eyes of a person, I see the pain we try to hide, I see the insecurity in your responses, I see the power you can't see.
I hear the voice that has been silenced.
I see it and (feel it) ALL.

Sometimes, we just need an answer now, and more importantly we need someone now, too!
I wanted to find a way to make this happen in a meaningful way, for you.
I finally sat down with my team, and we created "Seeking Purpose".
It's no fluff, frills or rehearsed programs. Thats not what we do!

It's a personalised program built around you. Yes we have a framework in which we work to ensure you arrive at that dreamed of place.
What seems impossible to you, is our job! 

I have invited a small group of women from my inner circle to join me as we provide you with a 6 week "Seeking Purpose" Masterclass online.
I teach you strategies that are practical and relatable!
You are about to embark on my genuine, straight-up, radical way of making sure your PURPOSE shows up.
This is not a series of automated videos
This is a 'live' online one on one platform.
This is your defining moment!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Topics Covered 

  • Identifying Your Purpose

  • Growing in Confidence 

  • Eliminating Fear

  • Staying driven & Focused

  • Destroying Cycles & Patterns

  • Maintaining right replationships

  • The art to not settling for less than you deserve.

  • Overcoming 'stop start' syndrome

  • Live Q&A



Imagine your world, becoming everything you believed it could, but just 

can't see how!

Well, now it's time, to step into the world, God created for You!

No gimmicks, no 3 steps to this or that.

This is built entirely around you.

The next six weeks are completely personalised just for you.

  • We will discuss commencement date together, we will work around you.

  • Learn from Sola Dawkins & her Inner circle, who have changed the lives of thousands of women!

  • A full 6 week program that takes you through EVERYTHING you need to know about 'Seeking Purpose' & living successfully.

  • Access to secret strategies we have proven time & time again.

  • 6 one hour, online live masterclass one to one sessions

  • We go live 'one on one' at a time convenient to you.


Total Value: (£1,450)
Your Investment Today (£1,450) £697

£697 - Personal Investment

For the entire 6 weeks


YES..I'm ready to do this!
BEYOND 2021-8.png


Personalised Coaching plan 

PLUS For 3 Months

(all the features of group coaching for 3 Months)

  • Access to Join Live Video Group Coaching Calls Every Month (1-hour each session)

  • Live Weekly Morning Meditation to Start Your Week (Wednesday Mornings)

  • Live Weekly Purpose & Prayer Coaching (Alternate Monday Night/Friday Morning)

  • Motivational Monday email (Emailed on Mondays)

  • Access to PRIVATE FaceBook Group - Tools & Tips Will be Posted to Birthing Your Purpose

  • Connect with other Powerful Women 

  • Be the First to know about Sola Dawkins events.



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