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One to One In person Coaching is available for those in the UK.
If you are outside of the U.K. One to One, In person Coaching is conducted online.
This service is heavily demanded and as such Sola has a waiting list.

What does Individual 1:2:1 in Person Coaching include?


Whether you're about to embark on a new chapter, starting over, or finding yourself in a place that just makes you feel out of synch.....

I think it's time for you to step into your next level of purpose!


Over the past 15 years, I've mentored thousands and my approach is simple!

You deserve everything you've dreamed of, It's not too late and It's time to stop being so hard on yourself.

The No 1 observation people always make about me,, both from people in my circle and complete strangers, is you just seem to 'ge't people, they are AMAZED at how much I'm able to pull out!


To be honest, there is no secret, there are life principles I live by :-

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Give people the time of day.

Don't judge


Everybody is going through something, Be Kind!

1:2:1 in Person Coaching with Sola Dawkins

To be completely honest,

I love people and want the best for everyone!

I see beneath the eyes of a person, I see the pain we try to hide, I see the insecurity in your responses, I see the power you can't see.

I hear the voice that has been silenced.

I see it and (feel it) ALL.


Sometimes, we just need an answer now, and more importantly we need someone now, too!

I wanted to find a way to connect with you in a meaningful way.

I'm giving you the opportunity to have a one on one meeting with me.

Yes, just you and me!


We are all "Seeking Purpose" in one way or another.

I offer no fluff, frills or rehearsed programs. Thats not what I do!

Quickly into our time together, we will be mapping out a framework that will see you walking and living in your Purpose, far beyond where you are now!


What seems impossible to you, is my job! 

I teach you strategies that are practical and relatable!

You are about to embark on my genuine, straight-up, radical way of making sure your PURPOSE shows up.

This is not a series of automated videos.

This is us, one on one, committed to making it happen!

Meet Sola Dawkins in Person for one on one Coaching

One on one sessions (75mins)

An opportunity to ask Q&A with Sola Dawkins

Weekly Check-ins with Sola Dawkins & her personal inner circle team of women (Email/Message)

Meetings take place in a private location agreed mutually (within M25)

Personalised Coaching plan

Coaching workbook (for download)

PLUS (all the features of group coaching)

Live Video Group Coaching Calls Every Month (1 hour each session)

Live Weekly Morning Meditation to Start Your Week (Wednesday Mornings)

Live Weekly Purpose & Prayer Coaching (Alternate Monday Night/Friday Morning)

Motivational Monday - Birthing your PURPOS (Emailed on Mondays)

Access to PRIVATE FaceBook Group - Tools & Tips Will be Posted to Birthing Your Purpose

Connect with other Powerful women 

Be the First to know about Sola Dawkins Events.

Total Value: (£1,997)
Your Investment Today (£1,997) £997

£997 - Personal Investment

One day intensive


YES..I want to book my 1:2:1 with Sola Dawkins!


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