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Pastor Sola DAWKINS


God has placed within you phenomenal power, incredible dreams, authority and supernatural power!

Women all over the world, more than ever are seeking purpose, validity, acceptance and love!

Women are finding their voice!

We are Women, All we want is to be heard

and if not heard understood.

We often, don't know how to express our feelings.

We are sensitive and if people really took the time to pause, they

would see that beneath the strong outer shell, is a woman who is 

far from hard, she is vulnerable, in need of love, acceptance

(and dare I say it, approval).

I am the authority on Women, through God.

I know you are desperate to open yourself up to receive! and I also

know receiving is not our problem its how "it's given" 

I also know you are tired of playing small.

You are ready to be everything God has called you to be!

And you refuse to apologise another day for daring to walk in the power and authority God has placed within You

Pastor Sola is what you need!

Why am I so confident, 

I know where I was!!

 Sola Dawkins


At the age of 11 my father left.

At the age of 24 I became a single parent.

At the age of 28 I got married .

At the age of 29, I gave my heart to the LORD

At the age of 30, all HELL broke LOOSE!!!

My name is

 Sola Dawkins

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